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Hearing the voice of an unknown girl on the lover’s phone, the girlfriend’s mind wandered, the boyfriend’s house was set on fire

The Texas has arrested the accused Senida.The Texas has arrested the accused Senida.

It is said that when a person is in love, a feeling of jealousy also fills him. Every person immersed in love forgets everything, loses the power to think and understand. But have you seen such a case, where due to jealousy, you set your own lover’s house on fire? Not only this, she also steals from the house before setting it on fire. This incident has come to light from Texas city of America. Now the girl is repenting after reaching behind the bars.

According to media reports, a love affair was going on with Senida girl, a resident of Texas city of America. Senida was living in a love-in relationship. This house belonged to her boyfriend. On November 21, her boyfriend had gone out of the house. When Senida called her boyfriend, he found her phone busy. Called again, the unknown girl received the call from the other side. On hearing this Senida became enraged.

Texas police said Senida stole items from her boyfriend’s house and then set the house on fire. The boyfriend told that shortly after the girl set the fire, she messaged that ‘I hope your house is OK’ (I hope your house will be safe). Through the CCTV installed in the house, the boy gave a complaint to the police. He told that there has been a loss of 50 thousand dollars (about 40.85 lakhs) due to theft and fire in the house. Police said that the accused Senida has been arrested. Knowing the truth, she is repenting for her actions.

That’s why senida is regretting

Police said Senida’s boyfriend had gone to meet his relatives. The woman whom Senida was considering as her boyfriend’s girlfriend, was actually her relative. Sections of burglary habitation-force, hooliganism and arson have been imposed against Senida.

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