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Gun Firing In USA: Indiscriminate firing in America, 9 killed including 2 students

Once again a shooting incident has been carried out in California, America, in fact, two days ago a case of mass shooting came to light in California. After which President Joe Biden ordered the flag to be kept at half-mast. But after this, the incidents of rapid firing in two cities of America have shocked everyone. One of these cities is Iowa and the other is Half Moon Bay. Nine people have been confirmed killed in both the incidents.

The series of mass shooting incidents in America is not taking the name of stopping. The people of California had not yet forgotten the incident of firing in Monterey Park that incidents of firing have come to light in two cities of America. Nine people have been confirmed killed in both the incidents. According to the American media, the new attack took place in the city of Half Moon Bay, California. In this firing, 7 people were killed. Police reached the spot and caught the attacker. A separate incident has come to light in Iowa’s school, where the death of two people has been confirmed.

Discussing the Half Moon Bay city of California, suddenly a suspect opened fire on the crowd, in which 7 people died. The police have taken the accused attacker into custody. The second incident is from Des Moines, a school in Iowa, where firing has been done during a program. In which a teacher is injured, while two children died while being taken to the hospital. About 20 minutes after the incident, the police caught three suspects from a car. While one of the accused fled from the car.

There was indiscriminate firing in California two days back.

Two days ago, there was indiscriminate firing in California, in which 11 people died. Apart from this, many people were seriously injured. According to American media, Chinese New Year celebrations were being held in Monterey Park. During this time a huge crowd had gathered. Here an attacker started firing on the crowd, due to which 16 people were shot. 11 people died on the spot.

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