G20 Summit Manifesto: New Delhi manifesto got approval during the summit, understand special things in 10 points


G20 Summit Manifesto: New Delhi manifesto got approval during the summit, understand special things in 10 points

G20 Summit Manifesto: The New Delhi Declaration has been approved during the G-20 Summit being chaired by India. The foreign guests have approved this manifesto. This is very good news, but do you know what is there in this manifesto? What benefit will India get by approving this? We explain to you all the important things of this manifesto in simple language.

These are the main 10 things of the manifesto

1. The use of nuclear weapons or the threat of their use has been described as unacceptable in the New Delhi Declaration. At the same time, the country’s stance and proposals adopted in UNSC and UNGA have also been reiterated once again.

2. This declaration calls upon all countries to uphold the principles of international law and maintain territorial integrity and sovereignty.

3. Terrorism has been considered a serious threat to international peace and security in the declaration. It has been discussed in detail to end it together.

4. The manifesto focuses on strong sustainable inclusive growth, envisaging a green path. The message of this presidency is one earth, one family and one future.

5. The summit’s declaration commits to the full and equal participation of women in the economy as decision makers, besides reducing the gender gap.

6. Let us tell you that in this manifesto the war going on between Ukraine and Russia has also been mentioned. It has been said that this has increased inflation worldwide. At the same time, the negative impact of this war on the entire world has also been mentioned.

7. It has been said in the manifesto that we should resolve the disputed issues peacefully. At the same time, concrete steps have been taken against those who provide shelter to terrorist groups.

8. It also commits to support FATF’s growing resource needs. The manifesto states that disputes should be resolved peacefully through diplomacy and dialogue.

9. During this summit, three F-foods, fuel and fertilizer were also seriously discussed and described as a matter of concern. G20 member countries have resolved to promote ease of doing business among each other.

10. Through the manifesto, G20 countries have been told that we have an opportunity to create a better future. We have to try that such a situation should not arise anywhere that we have to choose between fighting poverty and fighting for the planet.

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