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Former US President Donald Trump returns to Twitter after 22 months, know why his account was suspended

account of former US President Donald Trump (file photo)

account of former US President Donald Trump (file photo)

Former US President Donald Trump has returned to Twitter after 22 months. The company has reactivated his account. Recently, a poll was conducted by Twitter owner . At the same time, he had given a big relief to the suspended account users on Twitter, although Alan is constantly changing the company’s policy.

According to the report of the news agency AFP, the suspended Twitter account of former US President Donald Trump has returned again. Trump is back on Twitter after 22 months. In a poll conducted by , people were asked whether suspended accounts should be reactivated. In this poll, 15 million voters supported reactivating Trump’s account. On the basis of which the new owner of the company took this decision. He tweeted that ‘Most people want Trump’s account to be restored.

Trump’s Twitter account was banned for this reason

Let us tell you why Donald Trump’s account was suspended. In fact, last year on 6 January 2021, there were riots in the US Capitol and Donald Trump was held responsible for it. The investigation is still going on in the US regarding his role in this riot. In a tweet, the former US President had described his supporters who committed violence as revolutionaries. After which the Twitter company told it against its policy. At the same time he supported it through Twitter. For this reason, the company had suspended his account while taking action. At the same time, the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, has been very vocal about free speech since the beginning. For this reason, Trump has been able to return again.

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