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America: Bullying of 15-year-old student, reached school with ammunition and rifle

15 year old student showed arrogance.

15 year old student showed arrogance.

A shocking case has come to light from Arizona in America. Here a student came to school with a rifle in his lunch box along with Arms and Ammunition. When the news of this came to the other students, there was chaos in the entire campus. Immediately the entire campus was sealed. In a hurry, this information was given to the police. As soon as the incident was reported, the police reached the spot and brought the situation under control. Police arrested the accused student within an hour of getting the information. It is being told that the age of the accused student is only 15 years. A case has been registered against the minor for bringing weapons to the school. At present the matter is being investigated.

Police engaged in investigation of the case

According to media reports, this incident is of Bosom High School. american police Giving information about the matter, he said that he was informed about the incident at one o’clock in the afternoon by the guard of the school. The guard said that a student had brought ammunition and a rifle with him. Police said that we thank the guard who gave information, due to which a major incident was averted. The accused student is currently kept in police custody. Police said that from where the student got the rifle and what was the purpose of bringing it to the school, it is still being investigated.

There was a shootout in the night club

The school management has also said that we will give full cooperation to the police in this investigation. Apart from this, we will also be cautious in future, so that such incidents do not happen again. The safety of students and staff working at the school is of paramount importance to us. Please tell that this type of incident is often seen in America. America’s gun culture is held responsible for this. Last Sunday also there was a shooting incident at a nightclub in Kansas City, Missouri. Three people had died in this accident.

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