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America Air Strike: Air strike in Somalia of America, 30 fighters of Al Shabaab killed

US air strike in Somalia.

US air strike in Somalia.

The US is also supporting the Somalian government in its ongoing fight against terrorists. In this sequence, America carried out an air strike in Somalia, in which information has come out that 30 Al Shabaab fighters were killed. However, it is being told that no civilian of Somalia has been injured nor killed in this attack. Not only this, the US Army was also not present on the ground during this air strike.

According to foreign media reports, the US military launched a major attack on the Somali city on Friday, 20 January. 30 Al Shabaab fighters were killed in this attack. The airstrike took place near Galkad, 260 km north-east of Somalia’s capital Mogadishu. Media reports quoted a defense official as saying that no civilian was injured or killed in the attack. This officer made it clear that this campaign against terrorists will continue even further.

Joe Biden said this

US President Joe Biden approved the Pentagon’s request to redeploy US troops to counter the terrorist group in May 2022. Since then, America has been continuously supporting the Somalia government so that the terrorists can be piled up. Recently, Joe Biden said that America is committed to fighting the war against terror. On the other hand, the US military said in a statement on Saturday that Somalia has become a center for stability and security in the whole of East Africa. US Africa Command forces will continue their efforts to defeat al-Shabaab, the largest and deadliest al-Qaeda group.

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