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Winter Car Care Tips: Car will remain fit in winter, just follow these tips

Winter : With the onset of winter, all of you must have taken out quilts, mattresses and warm clothes. Along with your safety, it is also necessary to take care of vehicles in cold days. In this season, there are many problems in vehicles and there is economic loss. This should not happen to you, so we have come up with some car tips for you. By following them, you can prepare your car for winter. Also, you will not have any kind of problem in the entire .

battery: Car batteries suffer a lot in the . A weak battery tends to die in this weather, which can land you in trouble. In such a situation, first of all get your car’s battery checked and in case of failure, get it replaced immediately. Anyway, there is a problem in self-starting even during cold weather.

Engine Oil: These days, before leaving for any long journey, do check your engine oil. If you have been using the engine oil and coolant for a long time without changing it, get it changed. Anyway, check the engine oil once and get it filled up if it is low. Explain that light engine oil is better for vehicles in the .

Windshield & Wipers: Windshield is going to be very useful for you in the winter season. It prevents wind, rain, fog or snow from getting inside. Wipers must be in good condition for proper visibility inside and outside the vehicle. Driving in fog time is not easy anyway. If you are planning a trip, get the servicing done before that.

Brake & Air Pressure: Air pressure in all the four tires should be maintained while diving on wet and snowy road. Due to this the car gives good mileage. Also, before traveling in such weather, do check the brakes of the vehicle. When the air level in the tire is correct, the wheels remain safe even in the potholes.

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