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WhatsApp Ban: WhatsApp had banned 23 lakh Indian users, now the reason came to the fore

WhatsApp Ban: Popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp has banned more than 23 lakh accounts in the month of October. This information has been shared by WhatsApp in its monthly report for October 2022 in compliance with the new IT Norms. It was told by WhatsApp that about 23 lakh Indian accounts have been banned for complaints received from users and for violating WhatsApp policies.

WhatsApp has banned these accounts under 4(1)(D) of the IT Act 2021. The instant messaging platform reported in the report that between October 1 and October 31, 2324000 WhatsApp accounts were banned after receiving complaints from users. Out of 23 lakh accounts, WhatsApp has actively closed 811000 Indian accounts. WhatsApp received 701 complaints last month and took action on 34 accounts. WhatsApp had banned more than 26.85 lakh Indian accounts in the month of September.

WhatsApp said in its report, the platform always works to provide a safe space for its users. Rules and guidelines have been laid down to prevent its misuse. We are offering end-to-end encrypted messaging services for the security and privacy of the users. Let us know that under the WhatsApp IT Act 2021, the data of the company is released every month, in which information about the action taken by the company in the month is given.

Why WhatsApp bans account

WhatsApp bans users who violate its policy and rules or send spam messages. The platform always says that spamming or sending messages to any ignorant users should be avoided. You can also report Malaysian accounts via mail at “[email protected]”. Apart from this, you can also report the WhatsApp account by going to WhatsApp Chat > ​​More Options > More > Report.

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