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Two lakh lost jobs from these tech companies including Amazon, Microsoft, layoffs still going on

Two lakh people got jobs.

Two lakh people got jobs.

From the beginning of the year 2022, the phase of retrenchment had started in tech companies. This series is not taking the name of stopping. Only five months have passed in this year and around 2 lakh people have lost their jobs. According to Layoff.FYY, a website that oversees layoffs, in 2022, 1.64 lakh people were fired from 1056 technology companies.

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Till May 18, 2023, 1,97,985 people lost their jobs in 696 companies in the tech sector. These figures have reached the equivalent of the year 2022 in just five months. The phase of retrenchments is not taking the name of stopping.

These big companies have also done retrenchment

Amazon, Meta, Microsoft and Twitter have already laid off people on a very large scale. Covid has also been a major reason for this. Since then, people have started losing their jobs on a large scale. Google, Meta, Amazon have announced to reduce jobs here. In the coming days, these companies will start evacuating people from their places. In such a situation, the danger of losing their jobs is looming large over their employees.

Meta has announced the evacuation of 6000 people. Let us tell you that earlier in November 2022, the company had fired 11,000 people from its place. Despite this, in March 2023, there was talk of reducing a total of 10,000 jobs. Amazon has also announced to reduce jobs from here.

Twitter started it

The layoffs started with Twitter. As soon as Elon Musk became the owner of Twitter, Twitter halved its work force. On the other hand, the entire work force was fired in India. Dunzo, ShareChat, Rebel Food, Bharat Agri and Ola have also made layoffs in India. Asanger Company has evacuated 19,000 people from its place.

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