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Tata Salt ‘salt of the country’ will be expensive, CEO said – the rate has to be increased under compulsion

Tata salt prices will increase

Tata salt prices will increase

: There are no other spices in the food, it is very important to have salt. The impact of rising inflation in the country is now being seen on the most popular salt brand Tata. The Tata company has indicated to increase the prices of salt. This decision is being taken in view of the impact on the margins of the company due to rising inflation.

Sunil D’Souza, MD and CEO, Tata Consumer Products, while talking to a channel said that the price of salt is based on two components, brine and energy. The cost of brine has remained stable for a long time after going up last year. But energy costs remain at their highest, putting pressure on salt margins. This is the reason why the company is planning to increase the prices of salt.

How much will the rate increase

The CEO of the company has indicated an increase in the prices of salt. However, he did not specify how much the rate would be increased. No official information has been issued by the company regarding this. At present, the cost of a packet of Tata salt is Rs 28. The special thing is that this salt is used in every household of . Now it will be interesting to see how much the price will be increased by the company. But one thing is certain that now your kitchen budget will increase a little more. According to the recently released data, the company’s June quarter profit has increased by 38 per cent year-on-year to Rs 255 crore. Whereas last year it was Rs 240 crore.

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