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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Now YouTube Shorts will earn big money, YouTube brought new feature

New Feature: In the recent past, it has been seen that the trend of shorts on has increased rapidly. Users are preferring to watch videos of few seconds instead of watching long duration videos. This is the reason that now a feature of has been launched. Through this, content creators who make short videos will also be able to earn well.

YouTube has added a new feature on . Using this feature, content creators will be able to tag products on their . This will lead to promotion and they will earn. However, this feature is currently on testing mode. According to information released by Google, ‘viewers in the US, Australia, India, Brazil and Canada will see the option of co-tags and interactions.’ After the completion of testing, this feature will be launched globally.

Shorts creators will earn

Recently, YouTube added the feature of placing ads in short videos as well. The main objective was to increase the revenue of the creators. Content creators get 45 percent of the revenue from these ads, while YouTube keeps 55 percent. With the introduction of such features on YouTube shorts, short video platforms like Tiktok are facing a tough challenge. Please tell that Tiktok is banned in India. YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels got a lot of benefit in India only after Tiktok was banned. In today’s time, the viewership of YouTube Shorts is increasing very fast. This is the reason why YouTube is also launching various features.

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