Need 0001 number plate for your bike or car, know the price and complete process of buying


Need 0001 number plate for your bike or car, know the price and complete process of buying

VIP number plate 0001.

VIP number plate 0001.

VIP Vehicle Number Plate: It is very common among Indian people to put VIP or fancy number plates on their vehicles. Number plate vehicles or bikes like 0001, 0002, 0003, 0007, 0777, 0786, 0004, 1122, 1111, 2222, 0008, 9999 are often seen on the roads. But, not everyone can get these number plates, as the process of getting these numbers is very long and costs a good amount. In today’s news, we will tell you in detail about the process of getting a VIP number.

Vehicles with fancy or VIP number plates stand out on the road. This is the reason why people are ready to spend lakhs of rupees for these numbers. However, some rules have to be followed to buy these numbers. As per the rules for number plates, both new and old vehicles must mandatorily have an HSRP to ensure standardization of registration plates across India. The number plate rules in the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 mention that from April 1, 2019, all new vehicles will have to be affixed with HSRPs.

Bidding starts for VIP number plate

Bids are invited to buy any type of VIP number plate. There is an elaborate process for getting a VIP number plate, which has been made completely online. If two people apply to buy one number, then the bidding is done. The starting bid price for each number plate varies from state to state.

Registration Process for VIP Number Plate

Step 1: Registration- The first process to buy a VIP number is to register on the official Ministry of Road Transport and Highways MoRTH website. Explain that the registration is complete after the payment of the registration fee. This registration fee varies from state to state.

Step 2: Bid- The bidding process lasts for three days. The timing of the bidding process is between 12 noon to 5 pm and can be extended up to a maximum of 30 minutes. To participate in the bidding the customer has to pay a minimum fixed amount of the VIP number.

Step 3: Getting the allotment letter- If you have been successful in placing the highest bid for the fancy number plate of your choice, then an allotment letter will be sent to you. You will be informed about this through SMS. The last step would be to send the confirmation/allotment letter to your vehicle dealer to register the vehicle with your new fancy number.

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