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Good news: IOCL refinery company will buy stubble from farmers, will get so much per quintal

Panipat refinery will buy from farmers

Panipat refinery will buy from farmers

Paddy Stubble: With the beginning of harvesting of paddy crop, stubble management seems to be the biggest problem for the farmers. Incidents of stubble burning have also started coming from Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and many other states. At the same time, the government has given instructions to file an FIR with fine against the farmers who do so. In the midst of all this, a big good news has come out for the farmers.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) refinery at Panipat, Haryana has announced to purchase stubble from farmers. The company will produce from stubble. A plant to make from stubble has been set up in the refinery. The plant has been built at a cost of Rs 900 crore. The plant has the capacity to produce 100 kiloliters of per day. Appropriate arrangements have also been made by the refinery to buy stubble from the farmers.

Farmers will get money instead of stubble

The stubble will be lifted from the farmers’ fields by the Panipat Refinery. Farmers will have to make stubble bales in their fields. Parali collection centers have also been set up by the company in the adjoining districts. The refinery will buy stubble from farmers at the rate of Rs 172 per quintal. The refinery plant will initially procure stubble from the farmers of the adjoining districts of Panipat.

Earning will be done only with stubble management

The announcement to buy the plant’s stubble is news of relief for the farmers. With this, farmers will be able to manage stubble as well as earn money. If farmers prepare straw bales on their own, then an acre of land will cost about Rs 2000, while the cost of one acre of straw is Rs 3500. In such a situation, the farmers will get a direct profit of Rs 1500. The crop of Panipat and its adjoining districts produces a large amount of stubble.

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