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Facebook fined crores, data tampering case

Facebook fined

Facebook fined

US giant Meta has been overshadowed by tampering with users’ data. The European Union has imposed a fine of about Rs 10,770 crore on the tech company. It is alleged that such a huge fine has been imposed after it came to light that the company transfers the data of its users to America. Data regulators say that Meta is not able to protect people’s personal details from US security services. The European Union has also given Meta a deadline to fix it.

Not only this, the social media company has also been given a deadline to prevent illegal use of data. Ireland’s Data Protection Commission has said that the tech company has transferred data to the Atlantic, regardless of the basic rights of the users. Despite being fined, the company has not stopped the data transfer.

how many days deadline

In the past also many companies have been fined for data transfer. A fine of about Rs 6,688 crore has already been imposed on the commercial website Amazon. European regulators have given tech company Meta 5 months to stop the transfer of data. At the same time, the US has been given 6 months to stop illegally storing the transferred data.

when did the case start

Austrian lawyer Max Schrems filed a complaint against Facebook in 2013. Max also actively works for privacy rights. Based on Edward Snowden’s allegations, a complaint was filed regarding electronic surveillance by US security agencies.

what meta said

Facebook has expressed disappointment over this decision of the European Union. According to Meta, it will file an appeal against this order and will try to get it quashed immediately. According to FB, millions of its users will be affected by this.

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