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Business Idea: Start this business in winter, you will earn big money on low investment

Winter Season Business Idea: In this time of inflation, it has become very difficult to meet the needs of home and self with a single job. In such a situation, a side business becomes very important. Keeping these things in mind, today we are going to tell you about such a business, which you can start in the winter season. The special thing is that you can start this business sitting at home and with less investment.

With the onset of the winter season, the demand for hot spices increases significantly in the market. This is the right time, when you can start the business of making spices. Once you invest, you are sure to earn big as spices are always in demand in the Indian market. This is a kind of evergreen business. There is no need for any special training to start spice business. The spices are prepared on the basis of regional taste and flavour.

Important things before starting the business

Looking at the demand of the product, you have to choose the place to install your unit. First of all, get information about the demand of spices in your area itself. Install your unit keeping in view the demand. You have to prepare the complete setup to start the business. Spices will have to be bought at wholesale rates. Also, manpower will also be needed.

investment and profits

According to the report published regarding the construction of spice making unit, then you will have to spend at least Rs 3.50 lakh for setting up the unit. 300 to 400 square feet of land will be required. 60 thousand rupees will be spent on building shed and 40 thousand rupees will be spent on machine set up. There should be around 2.50 lakh rupees for workers and raw material. 193 quintal spices can be produced from one unit. If we look at the price of Rs 5400 per quintal, then a total of Rs 10.42 lakh will be sold. After all the expenses, there will be a saving of at least Rs 2.54 lakh. That is, the earning of about 21 thousand rupees is fixed in a month.

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