Tulsi leaves benefits: Health enhancing miraculous properties are found in Tulsi, know its advantages and disadvantages.


Tulsi leaves benefits: Health enhancing miraculous properties are found in Tulsi, know its advantages and disadvantages.

Tulsi leaves benefits: These green leaves are commonly eaten raw in India to cure cough and cold. Traditionally, Tulsi has been a part of every home as it is believed to have Vaastu benefits. Therefore this plant has an important place in Indian traditions. Essential oil extracted from basil is used in making beauty products as well as in making soap, lotion, perfume and shampoo.

This herb contains vitamins A, C and K, as well as minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. The proteins and fiber found in basil leaves are very important for good health. Basil leaves are a natural way to treat and prevent many types of diseases.

According to experts, Tulsi, Ocimum Sanctum works as a herb for all reasons. Tulsi is one of the most important herbs in Ayurveda and recent studies are now validating its health benefits. Consumption of Tulsi protects the organs and tissues from physical stress caused by extended physical activity, ischemia, loud noise.

Unique health benefits of basil

Helps in overcoming stress

Tulsi is a natural herb with anti-stress properties. Therefore, drinking a cup of tulsi tea can help refresh a person when feeling stressed or anxious.

protects against infection

Tulsi has long been known for its anti-inflammatory properties and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. It can also act as a pain reliever.

Improves digestive system

Tulsi plant is known to enhance liver health, which is why it helps in improving the digestive system.

helpful in losing weight

Tulsi also helps in reducing your weight by flushing out toxins from your body by improving gut health. It speeds up the rate of metabolism in the body, which further speeds up the fat burning process in the body.

Eliminates kidney stones

Basil is a great detox agent; Therefore, it can help people who are suffering from kidney stones. Basil leaves help in reducing the level of uric acid in our body. Uric acid is a main cause of kidney stones.

Helps in fighting diabetes

Basil tea may be effective in managing type 2 diabetes. It is one of the most preferred herbal teas for managing diabetes.

dental and oral health

Dental cavities are the most common problem that people face in their lives. The good news is that basil has antimicrobial properties that help fight oral bacteria.

Benefits to skin and hair

Along with minerals and vitamins, antioxidant properties are found in basil which helps in reducing itching of the head as well as controlling hair fall.

good for skin

Basil drops help in ridding the skin of blemishes and acne. It is rich in antioxidants and helps prevent premature aging.

Helpful in increasing immunity

Basil contains zinc and vitamin C, two components that help fight infection. Daily consumption of basil leaves or basil tea helps boost immunity.

Nutritional Value of Basil Leaves

Basil is rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, proteins and carbs. It is an excellent source of minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and manganese. Basil leaves are rich in fat-soluble vitamins A and K, as well as vitamin C. Ursolic acid, linalool, carvacrol, rosmarinic acid, lutein, estragole and zeaxanthin are among the active substances found in basil leaves.

Side effects of basil leaves

Affects male and female fertility

A study conducted on animals, published in the International Journal of Ayurveda Research, 2010, revealed that basil can reduce sperm motility and count in animals when consumed in large amounts. Herbs for men with infertility problems It is wise to prevent this negative effect by reducing intake, even though this has not yet been proven in people.

causes harm to the liver

A substance called eugenol is present in basil. Eugenol may protect the liver from damage caused by toxins, but overdose can cause liver damage and result in vomiting, diarrhea, fast heartbeat, and cramps.

reduces blood sugar

Tulsi is known to reduce blood sugar levels. However, if a person is currently taking diabetes medication, consuming basil leaves may increase the effect and increase sugar levels.

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Disclaimer: This news is based on general information. Before implementing these methods and suggestions, definitely consult the concerned expert.

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