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Sonam Kapoor: Sonam Kapoor returned in toned figure after 3 months of delivery, know the tremendous weight loss secret of the actress

Sonam Kapoor Weight Loss Tips: Bollywood (Bollywoodactress sonam kapoorSonam Kapoor) has recently given birth to a very cute son. However, the actress has become an inspiration for all women who are planning to lose weight post delivery. Actually the actress has reduced her weight within just 3 months of her delivery. Businessman Anand Ahuja, husband of actress Sonam Kapoor, is most impressed by her weight loss journey. Anand is very happy with his wife’s transformation, he also shared a video of Sonam on his Instagram. They put on shocked emoji faces with heart eye emoji to express their feelings. Reacting to Sonam’s transformation in her new Instagram post, Anand wrote, “What!”

Sonam kapoor: sonam kapoor returned in toned figure after 3 months of delivery, know the tremendous weight loss secret of the actress - news2news. In

Let us tell you that Sonam Kapoor has been in the headlines for her fitness since the birth of her son in August. In a recent interview, Sonam revealed that her pregnancy was not easy as she suffered from morning sickness in the first three months. Sonam had said that “It has been very difficult – no one tells you how difficult it is. Everyone tells you how wonderful it is. I am looking forward to a better version of me.”

sonam kapoor fitness routine

Recently on her Instagram, Sonam gave a glimpse of her fitness routine, which she resumed working out exactly 60 days (about 2 months) after giving birth. After giving her body enough time to rest and recover, Sonam started living the life of a working mother by doing stretching exercises in her Pilates routine.

What does Pilates do for the body?

This exercise helps build muscle strength and endurance, as well as increase flexibility and balance posture. Pilates is very important in improving flexibility, abdominal and lumbopelvic stability, and muscle movement. According to information called controlology, Pilates gives the whole body functional and sustainable movement patterns.

benefits of doing pilates

– Increases Strength: Because the exercise involves the core, it strengthens all muscles. It stabilizes the body, it also helps in reducing pelvic floor dysfunction.

– Improves Posture: Doing Pilates can help you improve your posture and get rid of that irritating slouch. Pilates focuses on whole body alignment and strengthening postural muscles.

– Reduces back pain: Pilates helps to stabilize your back as it strengthens the abdominal muscles, thereby reducing back pain.

– Prevents Injuries: Pilates also helps to balance the muscles of the body so that they are flexible, so they do not get injured.

– Increases Energy: Pilates helps reduce fatigue and improves cardiorespiratory capacity.

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