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Slapping Therapy: Slap will become the reason for your beauty, eat 50 slaps daily to get glowing skin

Slapping Therapy: Nowadays everyone wants to look beautiful, for which they take many types of expensive beauty products and even therapy sessions. By the way, it is very common to take good diet, use expensive products etc. to make your skin glowing. Everyone does this, but have you ever heard that you can increase the beauty of your face even by slapping your cheeks? Actually, the name of this very strange technique is () Is. The surprising thing is that science considers this therapy to be correct. This therapy called slapping therapy is popular in South Korea.South Korea) is very famous.

This strange therapy started in South Korea

Women in South Korea have been using this for hundreds of years. She believes that if she slaps her cheeks at least 50 times daily, then her skin gets glowing. After doing this therapy, she becomes even more beautiful. This therapy is very common in South Korea, but don’t think that you have to hard by slapping. In this therapy, you have to slap 50 times on both your cheeks with light hands. Even though this therapy is from Korea, but now this therapy is being used all over the world.

Know why slapping therapy is done?

Let us tell you that the reason behind this therapy is very clear that if you slap lightly on your cheeks, then blood will reach every part of the face. Which will help in cleaning the skin. Due to blood reaching every part of the face, the skin will start glowing. In Korea, no woman’s day is complete without doing this therapy. There women use this therapy since childhood. Men also use this therapy. That’s why if you look at the faces of Koreans, they look very red and fresh.

With this therapy, your skin remains fully nourished and also improves naturally. In Korea and , the women there consider sleep therapy very good and beneficial even to hold the age. They believe that if we use this therapy properly, it keeps the skin young for a long time. This is the reason why slap therapy is also called anti aging therapy.

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