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Makeup Removal Tips: Follow these important tips while removing makeup, the natural glow of the face will remain

If you have to wear after returning home from a party, function or work.Best Removal Tips) so be careful and stop doing it! No matter how tired you are, it is important that you remove all kinds of from your face before sleeping to dry skin, acne and wrinkles. When you remove makeup, follow some steps to it ( And Steps) should be removed properly. Let’s read better makeup removal tips.

double clean your face

You can double cleanse your face to remove your makeup effectively.Double Cleanse) Korean technique of doing (Korean Techniques) can be tried. For this, first of all, use makeup removing oil or cleansing liquid. Next, use a mild foaming cleanser and massage it into your face. Leave it on for 15 seconds and then wash off with water. It moisturizes your skinSkin Moisturize) and hydrate (Hydrate) will also.

use steam heat

Double Cleanse your face (Double Cleanse), you can steam your face before washing it to loosen up your pores and remove all makeup products, dirt and build-up. Steam helps the cleanser penetrate deeper into the skin to remove makeup. Take a pot of hot water and place your face over the pot for two minutes to get steam.

Use a spoolie brush to remove mascara

Instead of throwing away your old mascara wands or spoolies, put them to good use. Clean the spoolie brush thoroughly and use it to remove the mascara from each part of your lashes. To loosen the mascara, gently wipe your eyelashes with some cleansing oil and then use them gently to remove the mascara from the spoolie. Next, wash your face with a foaming cleanser (Foaming Cleanser) wash off.

Cleanse your hairline and use cream based makeup remover to remove lipstick

Push your hair back, tie it into a high ponytail, put on a terry headband, and clean your hairline. Some makeup tends to accumulate around the hairline, which can clog your pores and cause breakouts (Break Out) can be caused. a cotton pad (Cotton Pad) to cream based makeup remover (Cream Based Makeup Remover) and use it to wipe off matte lipstick.

Use a Q-tip to remove mascara or eyeliner

Using a cotton pad to remove your waterproof eyeliner and mascara (Waterproof Eyeliner And Kajal) can be difficult to remove. So to get rid of kajal or eyeliner from your upper and lower lash lines, use a cotton bud or Q-tip and dip it in some makeup remover. After cleansing and washing your face, pat it dry and apply natural oil (Natural Oil) or a hydrating moisturizer (Hydrating Moisturizer) use.

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