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Lipstick: Lipstick becoming the cause of death, not beauty? Know which serious diseases you will be a victim of

Harmful Effects Of Lipstick: Lipstick is the first choice of women. Women choose the color of lipstick according to their dress, occasion, mood and style. You may or may not find anything else in a women’s bag, but you will definitely find a lipstick. On the other hand, even if you go to office or college, you can use light lipstick, it can change your whole look on any occasion. Although most cosmetics products cause a lot of damage to the skin, but the side effects of lipstick can prove to be fatal for you. This is because lipstick is applied on the lips and while eating food, it goes directly inside the body through the mouth. Harmful chemicals from this go directly to the digestive tract (Digestive System) can be reached. Here are some such things about lipstick, which harm not only your lips but also your health.

Check the Ingredients When Buying Lipstick:

If manganese, cadmium, chromium and aluminum mix together in the body, they do a lot of damage. Eating food with lipstick on increases the chances of all these elements entering the body, that too entering together. In such a situation, while buying lipstick, keep in mind that it should not contain these things at all.

Disadvantages of applying lipstick:

1. Lead is found in most . Lead is very harmful to the body. This can lead to high blood pressure and many heart related problems.

2. There are many types of preservatives in lipstick which harm the body. If their quantity is high then there can be a risk of cancer. Paraben is one such preservative, which is believed to be responsible for cancer. Due to this, the problem of breast cancer is being seen in women.

3. Apart from this, bismuth oxychloride is used as a preservative in . There is also a risk of cancer from this and it can make the body sick.

4. If you are pregnant, avoid wearing lipstick all the time. Wear lipstick only occasionally and don’t buy cheap at all. If you want, you can use herbal lipstick.

Follow these tips while applying lipstick

, Avoid taking dark shades while buying lipstick as heavy metals are more in dark shades.

, Before applying lipstick, apply a base of ghee or petroleum jelly on the lips, it reduces the side effects.

, Local brands may be cheaper, but they can harm your lips.

, Buy lipstick of a good brand only and check the ingredients used in it.

, Scrub your lips with sugar and honey to remove pigmentation caused by lipstick.

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