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Beauty Tips: If you are also facing the problem of dark circles, then follow these effective tips

Ways to avoid the problem of dark circles.

Ways to avoid the problem of dark circles.

Many things are used for skin care. However, during this time there are some areas which are ignored. Because of this, skin problems increase. The most common problem in this is dark circles. Yes, it is very important to take care of under eye in skin care. There are many people who ignore the under eye while taking care of the skin. If you want to avoid dark circles, then you have to take special care of under eye. So let us know in what ways the under eye can be taken care of, so that you do not have to face dark circles.

use a roller

To avoid dark circles, use a jade roller on your face. Using it under the eyes helps in blood circulation. Apply a little moisturizer or serum on the face and then move the roller on the lower part of the eyes with light hands.

use under eye cream

Do not forget to use under eye cream after following the skin care routine. Dark circles do not occur if the under eye cream is used daily, as well as it can be used even if there are already dark circles on the skin. Actually, this under eye cream will help you in removing dark circles.

get regular amounts of sleep

Try to get at least seven hours of sleep every night so that dark circles do not appear around your eyes.


Place the slices of cucumber on your eyes. It can help reduce bloating as cucumbers are rich in water and vitamin C.


Facials, which involve massaging the under eye area, help improve blood circulation.


Use under-eye concealer and makeup foundation to cover your dark circles.

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