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Beauty Tips: If white hair is visible in the eyebrows, then follow these home remedies, you will be able to get natural black color

Tips to make eyebrow black: With increasing age, people often get upset seeing the hair on their head turning white. But if you are worried about the white hair of your eyebrows. So to make them black, instead of chemical based dye, you can use some natural things. Just as the white hairs of the head make you feel bad, similarly the white hairs of the eyebrows look very strange on the face. In such a situation, many people apply hair dye to the eyebrows to give them a natural look, but the chemicals present in the dye promote new white hair and also cause hair breakage. In such a situation, you can color the eyebrows naturally with the help of some natural things, let’s see these best solutions: –

  • coffee powder works

Using coffee powder, you can easily and naturally darken the eyebrow hairs. For this, you have to make a paste by mixing coffee powder in hot water. After applying this paste on the eyebrows, wash it with fresh water after half an hour.

  • Kajal is the best way

You can also use homemade kajal to make eyebrows naturally black. For this, light a ghee lamp and mix a little camphor in the ghee, now keep the lamp half covered with a bowl. After 5-6 hours, mix coconut oil in the kajal made in the bowl and apply it on the eyebrows.

  • use amla

Amla is beneficial for eye light as well as for eyebrows. For this, mix almond oil in amla powder and apply it on the eyebrows and wash the eyebrows after some time. You can repeat this process daily.

  • take help of mehndi

To make the eyebrows black, you should use natural henna. For this, mix coconut oil in henna powder and heat it. Now after cooling, apply this paste on the eyebrows. This will make your eyebrows black.

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