YRKKH Spoiler 15 Feb: There will be a new twist in the show, will Yuvraj and Abhira collide face to face?


YRKKH Spoiler 15 Feb: There will be a new twist in the show, will Yuvraj and Abhira collide face to face?

YRKKH Spoiler 15 Feb :A drama is seen every day in the TV serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. In the last episode you must have seen that Yuvraj attacks Abhira. After which there is a huge fight between Yuvraj and Armaan. During this time, Abhira gets deeply shocked due to the attack.

Now a new twist is about to come in the story of the show. In which Abhira and Yuvraj will keep coming face to face. On one hand, friendship will also be seen between Ruhi and Abhira. On the other hand, Ruhi gets Grandma’s phone repaired, which breaks in Abhira’s hands. After which Arman tries to open that phone. During this, Abhira calls Armaan and asks him to go to Manish Goenka’s house.

Yuvraj said- ‘I want Abhira now’
However, you are going to see further in the show that on one hand, Armaan, after asking Ruhi through gestures, asks Abhira to go to Parananu’s house. On the other hand, Yuvraj is taken care of in the Goenka house, but after listening to Yuvraj, Surekha and Swarna suspect that something is wrong. After which Yuvraj also gets a call from Sanjay and he shouts at him a lot. Then Yuvraj says to her, “You did not tell me that you have made Abhira the daughter-in-law of your house.” I want Abhira now.” After which Sanjay says, ”Abhira and Armaan’s marriage is not going to last like this.” Meanwhile, Armaan hears this from Sanjay and then Armaan warns him to take care of his case. .

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Abhira will keep bumping into Yuvraj
Actually, Ruhi calls Manish Goenka and tells him that “If Abhira is going to come home, then take care of elder mother and aunt, they will not scold Abhira.” Yuvraj hears this and asks Manish Goenka. “Who were you talking to?” After some time, Yuvraj leaves for his hotel. After which Manish tries a lot to stop him but he does not stop. Meanwhile, Abhira reaches the gate of Goenka house. Abhira starts feeling at home after coming here. However, during this time Abhira gets a call from her boss, due to which she keeps coming in front of Yuvraj.

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