YRKKH Spoiler 14 Feb: Abhira will be shocked by the attack, there will be a fierce fight between Yuvraj and Armaan, know what will happen next?


YRKKH Spoiler 14 Feb: Abhira will be shocked by the attack, there will be a fierce fight between Yuvraj and Armaan, know what will happen next?

YRKKH Spoiler 14 Feb: These days, full drama is being seen in the TV serial Yeh Rishta Kehlata Hai. In the show, Yuvraj attacks Abhira, after which there is a huge fight between Yuvraj and Armaan. This accident has shaken Abhira. Along with this, we will see in the upcoming latest episode that Abhira goes into trauma after that accident.

Now in the recent episode, you are going to see a new drama in which Manisha brings milk for Abhira, which Abhira flatly refuses to drink. Then Manisha gives a lesson to Abhira and says that between friend and wife, wife is ahead. Explain this to your husband Armaan. What will happen next in Samriddhi Shukla and Shehzada Dhami’s show. Let us tell you.

Yuvraj will come to his senses as soon as he hears Abhira’s name.
Actually, in the TV show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, you are going to see that Abhira goes out to Armaan after listening to Manisha where Armaan is standing with Ruhi. Ruhi asks Armaan to get himself checked by the doctor. Along with this, on one hand Yuvraj is currently in Goenka House, where he has not regained consciousness yet. On the other hand, Ruhi also tells Arman about Yuvraj. Then Ruhi also calls her sister-in-law Nanu and asks about Yuvraj. During this, Abhira sees Ruhi and Armaan together and goes inside. After which the name of Abhira comes out of Armaan’s mouth. Then Yuvraj also regains consciousness on hearing Abhira’s name.

Abhira will go to trauma after the accident
Now a new twist is going to come in the upcoming show. In the upcoming episode you will see that Abhira finds a bracelet, which belongs to the mask man. Abhira thinks that Yuvraj has a similar bracelet, but she thinks only 100 people can have it. Then Armaan’s brother comes out from behind Abhira. Abhira gets scared by his very sound. After which Abhira gets ready to go to office the next day. During this time Abhira is in trauma. Then Armaan takes her down the stairs holding her hand and then leaves her in the hall and goes out for some work. After which Dadi Sa’s phone gets broken due to Abhira and then Ruhi comes forward and extends her hand of friendship to Abhira and is seen asking him to get Dadi Sa’s phone repaired.

Abhira will attack senior out of fear
In the TV show Yeh Rishta Kehlata Hai, you will further see that Armaan goes to drop Abhira to the office and then in the office, Abhira’s boss scolds Charu a lot. At the same time he asks Charu to stay away from his personal life. After which Abhira works sitting at her table, when her senior comes and stands behind. Then in fear, Abhira starts hitting her senior with the laptop, but she calms down in a moment and starts apologizing to her senior.

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