Will Aamir Khan take a break from acting?: Said – The day I enter direction, I will stay away from acting, know the special conversation with News2News.in


Will Aamir Khan take a break from acting?: Said – The day I enter direction, I will stay away from acting, know the special conversation with News2News.in

Aamir Khan:Recently, on March 13, Aamir Khan celebrated his 59th birthday. Recently, he openly talked to the media and told what are his plans in the future? What kind of films does he want to make? How difficult is it for him to juggle film direction and production with acting? How satisfied is he with his film Journey so far? In a conversation with News2News.in, Aamir has answered all these questions.

Your 59th birthday was on 14th March. You must be receiving gifts on every birthday. Which of these was the biggest gift for you?
Answering this question, Aamir said- "Believe me, I don’t remember properly how my birthdays were in my childhood, what gifts I got… whether I got them or not. When I started working as an actor, I started getting immense love from my audience. These people who love me are not just a handful, they are in crores. Their love is undiluted (pure). If they love me, they are not going to get anything in return, yet their immense love astonishes me. My countless fans, known or unknown, bring tears of joy to my eyes. Just this love of theirs is the most precious gift for me."

What are your plans in the future?
"There can be many plans in the mind, it is not possible that they get fulfilled every time. I have completed 59 years of my life and have entered 60. I want to do more and more work in the coming 10-12 years. I spend a lot of time listening to the stories of films and saying ‘yes’ to the producers. Obviously, one of my films is released only once in three years. Now I won’t do that.

As an actor, producer, director, I will be busy in the next 10-12 years in every way. I got work, name and fame from this industry. Got immense love and success from the audience. Whatever I got, I want to give back to this industry and society. I am in debt to all of them. I want to be a shoulder for everyone. People should move forward sitting on my shoulders. People should work in the films of my production, direct the films."

What kind of films will you produce?
"I would like to make films on all types of content. Our Indian children watch Tom and Jerry, foreigners watch Superman. I want to make films on all our desi super heroes. There are many inspiring characters for children in our country, we should make films on them. You must have seen our production film ‘Lapata Ladies’, which is directed by Kiran Rao. This film is getting a lot of love."

Is it not difficult for you to direct-produce a film along with acting?
"The film ‘Lagaan’ was produced by me and directed by Ashutosh. I ventured into direction with ‘Taare Zameen Par’ because the situation had become such at that time. The day I completely get into direction, I will stay away from acting so that my attention does not deviate from direction."

All three of you Khans were seen together at the wedding of Mukesh Ambani’s son. Will Mukesh Ambani make a film with all three of you?
"See, film production is not just about money. The most important thing in film making is passion. Love for your film. When love and passion come together a film is made. Any maker who has the passion for film making can make a film, only money does not matter."

You are called ‘Mr. Perfectionist’. Does this medal have any pressure on you?
"The media has given me this title. How can I give my opinion about myself? I can also make mistakes, but I try not to make mistakes. Overall the film should be good for me. The story, script, dialogues and acting should be top notch, that’s why I pay full attention to the film."

How was your film journey of 35 years?
"My overall film journey is more than 50 years. When I was 4-5 years old, writers and artists used to come to our house to meet dad (Tahir Hussain) and uncle (Nasir Hussain). I kept listening to their conversations. Since then the interest in listening to stories arose. I worked as a child artist in my home production film ‘Yaadon Ki Baaraat’. When I was just 18 years old, I became an assistant director. The world of films is my world for me. This is just work for me. I am very grateful towards this film journey of mine."

What are your upcoming films?
Both these films ‘Sitaare Zameen Par’ and ‘Lahore’ will be released in the year 2024.

What are your children, especially your younger son Azad, doing these days?
Junaid is busy in films. Shooting these days. He is trying to move forward. Our little Sahebzade Azad is so lost in his friends that he has forgotten that he also has parents. Daughter Ayra is married.

All three of us are eager to work together
‘Khan’ stars have dominated Bollywood for the last twenty-five years. Can all three ‘Khans’ (Aamir, Shahrukh, Salman) be seen together in a film? On this question, Aamir says, ‘I and Salman were together in Rajkumar Santoshi’s film ‘Andaz Apna-Apna’. Salman and Shahrukh were together in ‘Karan-Arjun’. The three of us have talked about this topic casually. All three of us are eager to work together.

(Presentation- Pooja Samant)

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