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When Deepika Kakkar’s leg slipped, the person handled it, then the actress got angry

Deepika Kakkar

Deepika Kakkar

TV actress remains a part of the headlines on social media due to different reasons. This time a video of the actress is going . Actually, Deepika had attended an event. During this, her foot slipped and she was about to fall, but a person saved Deepika from falling. However, in spite of this the anger of the actress explodes on the boy.

Deepika’s video went

was coming out of an event. During this, her leg stumbles and she was about to fall. Then a boy caught him. But instead of saying thanks, Deepika vented her anger on him. Deepika said- ‘I am fine, but don’t touch me like this.’ Anger can be clearly seen on the face of the actress. On social media, users are continuously giving their reaction on this act of Deepika.

Paparazzi also got angry

Deepika Kakkar’s anger also explodes on paparazzi. The actress says that ‘that person (Shoaib Ibrahim) is coming with the award. Go to him and ask what award he has brought. After saying this, Dipika goes towards the car. But this whole incident gets captured in the camera. Users have trolled Deepika Kakkar for being angry.

Deepika Kakkar came under target of users

After the video of Deepika Kakkar surfaced, users are fiercely targeting her. One user wrote – What kind of actress is she, one that boy saved her from falling and she is venting her anger on him. Another said, there is no time left for goodness. At the same time, watching the video of the actress, most of the users are telling her fiercely.

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