Video: 3 fans died on Yash’s birthday, actor met family members


Video: 3 fans died on Yash’s birthday, actor met family members

KGF Star Yash: Yesterday was Kannada superstar Yash’s 38th birthday. Fans wanted to celebrate his birthday with pomp. However, this could not happen. Actually, on the occasion of his birthday, three of his fans died and three others were injured. The accident happened when his fans were climbing the electric pole and putting up their banner. Yash became worried after hearing the news of the accident and left his birthday to meet the families of the deceased in Hubli, Karnataka. Speaking to the media, the actor also promised to provide financial help to those families. Who had lost their loved ones after meeting him.

Yash three fans death on his birthday actor came to meet his family after hearing sad news video -hindi filmibeat

Yash met his family
After meeting the families of the deceased, Yash while speaking to the media said, “It would have been great if you wish me wholeheartedly from wherever you are. “Such incidents are sad, such things make me worried on my birthday.” “Please don’t show your love like this. I want to request all of you. Don’t hang banners, don’t chase bikes and don’t take dangerous selfies; My intention is for all my viewers and fans to move forward in life as I am. If you are my true fan, do your work diligently, dedicate your life to yourself and be happy and successful. You are the one who is everything for your family, whatever goals you have should be fulfilled."

Yash’s car surrounded by fans
News agency ANI has shared a video of Yash on Twitter. In this video, Yash is seen meeting the fans injured in the accident and the families of the three dead fans. Yash met the family members and expressed his condolences. In the video that has surfaced, it can be seen that people have surrounded Yash’s car after reaching Karnataka.

What did Yash say?
After meeting the family members of the deceased, Yash further said that he had not expected such a thing. His fans need to be responsible towards their families. He told that he does not celebrate his birthday for this reason.

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