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Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed is not getting a house on rent in Mumbai, explaining the reason, the pain of the actress

Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed: Social media sensation Urfi Javed does not need any introduction. From fans to Bollywood celebs, the actress holds her special identity. However, Urfi also has to face difficulties due to this popularity. This time Urfi Javed has revealed a problem she faces because of her religion. Urfi wrote in the tweet that people do not want to give him apartments on rent.

Urfi Javed’s glimpse of pain

Sharing a tweet on Twitter, Urfi Javed wrote – People do not want to rent me apartments in Mumbai. The Muslim landlord is not ready to give me a house because of my dress. Whereas, Hindu landlords do not want to give me their house because of my religion. On the other hand, some other landlords are not ready to give apartments on rent because of the threats I receive.

Trolling does not affect Urfi Javed

More than acting and TV serials, Urfi Javed remains a part of the headlines because of her unusual fashion and dress. Whether it is to speak boldly or to flaunt boldness, Urfi Javed fearlessly does whatever she wants. The difficulties of the actress also increase a lot due to her dresses (Urfi Javed Dress). But, Urfi Javed doesn’t matter at all what people say and troll. This is the first time that Urfi is not ready to rent a house to Javed in Mumbai.

Users are reacting to Urfi Javed’s post

There is no dearth of people trolling Urfi Javed, while the fans of the actress are also in large numbers. Ever since the tweet of the actress surfaced, her fans have been giving their reactions continuously. Most users believe that this is a wrong thing. At the same time, a user wrote – Why don’t you buy a house of your own. However, like always, the people who trolled the actress have also started giving their response. One user wrote- ‘This is called Urfi ji.’

BJP leader had complained against Urfi

For your information, let us tell you that recently BJP leader Chitra Wagh had filed a police complaint against Urfi Javed. In this connection, the police had also sent summons to Urfi. Urfi was accused of spreading obscenity in a public place. After this, Urfi Javed also wrote a letter to the Maharashtra Women’s Commission demanding security.

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