Shocking revelation of Vicky Jain’s mother Ranjana Jain! Ankita Lokhande did not want to become daughter-in-law, said- ‘Son married as per his wish’


Shocking revelation of Vicky Jain’s mother Ranjana Jain!  Ankita Lokhande did not want to become daughter-in-law, said- ‘Son married as per his wish’

Bigg Boss 17: ‘A lot of drama is being seen in the house of ‘Bigg Boss 17’ these days. As the finale of Bigg Boss is approaching, the contestants are getting evicted from the house one by one every week. The show often sees tremendous drama between Ankita Lokhande and her husband Vicky Jain. Fights are being seen between this couple almost every day. So in the show, there seems to be a rift in their relationship.

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Family week episode is going on in the show
Recently, there was a Family Week episode in the show in which the families of the contestants came to meet them at home. During this time, Ankita’s mother Vandana Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s mother Ranjana Jain also entered the house. During this, Ankita’s mother was seen explaining to both of them about the fight going on between the couple, while Vicky’s mother only blamed her daughter-in-law Ankita. Now after coming out of the house, Vicky’s mother Ranjana Jain has made a big revelation about the marriage of her son Vicky and Ankita. She told that she was not in support of Vicky-Ankita’s marriage. Let us know what Ranjana Jain said.

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‘We were not in support, Vicky married as per his wish’
After coming out of ‘Bigg Boss’ house, Ranjana Jain, in an interview given to Pinkvilla, said about daughter-in-law Ankita and son Vicky Jain- "Vicky has married Ankita. We (the family) had no support. Vicky has married of his own free will. Vicky is ready to play… so we have nothing to do with it. We will not say anything. Vicky will improve relationships. If he has messed things up then only he will correct them. He will improve everything when he comes out… we have full confidence in him."


What did Ankita’s mother-in-law say about her actions?
Apart from this, Ranjana Jain also condemned Ankita’s misbehavior towards Vicky Jain. Regarding Ankita’s slapping action, he said that such fun does not look good. They said-"Hitting your husband with slippers, throwing a pillow on him… all this does not look good. Ankita uses very wrong words for Vicky. It doesn’t look good to see all this on TV."


‘Ankita does not want to give exemption to Vicky’
Apart from this, Ranjana Jain was also seen at home explaining to her daughter-in-law Ankita Lokhande on the issue of ‘slippers’. Ranjana also talked about Ankita’s behavior when Vicky Jain talked to other contestants in the interview. They said- "Ankita does not want to give leeway to Vicky in anything… so first she herself should improve. Before saying anything to others, you should also look at yourself."  

Fans trolled Ranjana Jain
After these big words of Vicky Jain’s mother came out, the reactions of the users regarding both the couples are also coming to the fore on the internet. Fans are trolling Ankita’s mother-in-law Ranjana a lot. One user wrote- "Like Vicky, his mother is also negative." Another wrote- "Ankita’s mother-in-law will agree only after getting Vicky and Ankita divorced."

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