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Shocking: Rakhi Sawant was about to become the mother of Adil Durrani’s child, but miscarried

Rakhi Sawant and Adil Durrani

Rakhi Sawant and Adil Durrani

Rakhi Sawant Miscarriage: Bollywood’s drama girl Rakhi Sawant surprised everyone by giving information about her marriage. After this, Adil Durrani refused to talk about marriage. Recently, coming in front of the media, both happily accepted the matter of their marriage and court marriage. Apart from marriage these days, the news of Rakhi Sawant being pregnant also came to the fore. Troubles are coming one after the other in the life of Rakhi who makes everyone laugh. Now a shocking news has come about Rakhi’s pregnancy. This has shocked not only the actress but her fans.

According to the information received from the latest reports, Rakhi Sawant has suffered a miscarriage and she is not able to get herself out of this pain. Yes, you have heard it right, a report on the paparazzi page has revealed that Rakhi Sawant has happily accepted the news of her pregnancy. But even before the knock of happiness in the life of the actress, happiness has turned into sorrow on sight.

Rakhi Sawant’s miscarriage

For your information, let us tell you that while confessing about the pregnancy, Rakhi told that yes I was pregnant. I had informed about my pregnancy inside Bigg Boss Marathi as well. But people took my words as a joke. For this reason no one accepted Rakhi’s words as truth. Well, Rakhi has also accepted the fact of miscarriage.

Talking about Rakhi Sawant’s marriage, the actress surprised everyone after 7 months of marriage through her social media post. But after keeping the matter of marriage hidden for seven months, Rakhi told that her husband Adil Durrani had asked her to do so. However, Rakhi recently decided to share the details of her marriage with everyone. After this, allegations were also leveled against Adil on behalf of Rakhi. But Adil came in front of the media and accepted his marriage with Rakhi. But after the information about Rakhi’s miscarriage once again came to the fore, an atmosphere of sadness has been created among the fans.

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