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Sapna Chowdhary’s Ghaghra shook the whole of Haryana! Fans lost their hearts on the actress’s style

Sapna chowdhary's ghaghra shook the whole of haryana! Fans lost their hearts on the actress's style - news2news. In

sapna chaudhary

sapna chaudhary

Sapna Choudhary New Video: Queen Sapna Chowdhary of Haryana remains very popular among fans on social media. Many reels and songs of the actress go viral every day. This time Sapna has shared a new video on Instagram. In which she is seen dancing while flaunting her look wearing Ghaghra. Sapna’s craze in Haryanvi songs speaks volumes for the fans. The actress remains a part of the headlines regarding her personal life as well as professional life.

Sapna showed off wearing a ghagra

Sapna Chowdhary has shared a new dance video on her Instagram account. It can be seen that the actress is seen flaunting her outfit. The special thing is that the song playing in the background of Sapna’s video is also based on Ghagra. Sapna, popularly known as Dancing Queen, is wearing a dark green colored ghagra. Also, the actress is seen making her look very special with her dance moves. Sapna’s fans are liking this style of her.

Sapna’s video went viral

Actress Sapna Chowdhary wrote in the caption of the post- ‘This news has been published in the newspaper, we have a lot of discussion in the market.’ Along with the video of the actress, everyone’s eyes are also on the caption. For your information, let us tell you that Sapna had earlier started her career as a stage dancer. After this, he started showing his mettle in Haryanvi songs. Don’t know how many dancers are there today who want to gain popularity like Sapna. Sapna’s popularity is such that people from young children to old age people are also familiar with her name. Because of this, every post of the actress goes viral on social media.

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