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Saif Ali Khan broke his silence on staying away from social media, told how to avoid trouble

: Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan remains a part of media headlines. But he is not active on any social media platform. Not only this, Saif also does not have any official account on platforms like Twitter, Instagram. Fans always keep tweeting or messaging Kareena Kapoor Khan asking the reason for her husband’s absence on social media. After such a long time, Saif Ali Khan broke the silence and told why he keeps distance from all the platforms.

Saif Ali Khan stays away from social media

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan are completely different from each other in terms of being active on social media. On one hand, Kareena manages all social media accounts from Instagram very well. At the same time, Saif Ali Khan is not connected with the fans on any social media. Saif Ali Khan has jokingly told many times the reason for not being on his social media.

Saif told the reason for staying away from social media

Saif Ali Khan said in an interview giving the right reason for staying away from social media this time- ‘There will be many photos of mine which probably remain buried somewhere. However, I am a decent photography person. But, I love recording things much more. Yes, by the way I can also share my photos, but then people will start saying don’t share this or what kind of photos should be shared. I think a manager will have to talk to manage his handle.

Saif told the way to avoid trouble

Completing his point, Saif Ali Khan further said that ‘people believe that my doing this is absolutely wrong politically. In such a situation, there is no reason that I should share my photos on social media. If I do so, it may be dishonest in a way. I do not like to get caught in that mess that a million people together tell me that you can easily do this after posting this photo.

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