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Priyanka Chopra got angry on Bollywood actors, told the biggest flaw of the film world

Statement: Bollywood’s Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra has made a big attack on the actors working in Bollywood. Most people are supporting Priyanka’s statement only. Although many actors are also bound to be angry with him. So let’s tell what Priyanka said after all, which became headlines.

After coming to India from America, Priyanka launched her hair care brand. During this, Priyanka was asked how she felt working with big directors from India and abroad. In response, the actress said, ‘I have worked with many big directors around the world, but everyone taught me how to be a good actor.’ Priyanka, completing her point, said that whenever a film or web series does well after its release, full credit is given to the actor. He said that the job of an actor is to read the script and play his character. Apart from this the actor does nothing. All the hard work and work is done by writers, directors, choreographers, make-up artists and hair stylists. They are never given credit.

what is the work of an actor

Explaining her point better, Priyanka said that my job as an actor is to read the script and perform it in front of the camera. My work is between action and cut, only in that 30 second time my work starts. On a question, the actress said that the pressure of role playing is very high on people. Priyanka believes that not every actor can act. If you are not able to then it takes a big heart to accept it.

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