Poonam Pandey trolled for spreading fake news of death: Users expressed their anger on social media, Ekta Kapoor also got angry


Poonam Pandey trolled for spreading fake news of death: Users expressed their anger on social media, Ekta Kapoor also got angry

Poonam Pandey Trolled for fake death news:Yesterday, the news of the death of actress Poonam Pandey had shaken everyone. Information about the actress’ death due to cervical cancer was given through an Instagram post on Friday. As soon as the news of Poonam’s death came out, people were shocked and were expressing their condolences on social media. Everyone from the Bollywood industry and TV to his fans were saddened by this news.

Now, just a day after the news of her death, Poonam herself has come forward and informed that she is alive. Poonam released some of her videos on Instagram and said that ‘I am alive’. He has shocked everyone by spreading false news of his death.

Poonam released the video video
Poonam Pandey shared a video on Instagram on February 3 in which she informed about her survival. Along with this, she is seen talking about fighting the war against cancer. She has spread false news of her death as part of a campaign to spread awareness about cervical cancer. Poonam has shared the video in which she says- "I am alive! I did not die of cervical cancer." Actually, the actress has spread the news of her death to promote the cervical cancer vaccine.

The actress did a publicity stunt
While releasing some videos on social media, the actress revealed that she had done all this drama to make women aware about cervical cancer. He has also apologized for this. Now people are very angry with this action of Poonam and are trolling her fiercely. As much as people were saddened by the news of the actress’s death, they are even more angry with her for gaining publicity by spreading false news.

Ekta Kapoor expressed anger at the company running the campaign
From celebs to fans are venting their anger on social media for spreading false news of Poonam Pandey’s death. Filmmaker Ekta Kapoor has also expressed anger over Poonam doing publicity in this way. By commenting on the video of the actress, he has slammed her PR team and the company that did the campaign. they wrote- "The purpose of this awareness is on which vaccines should not be used. Legal action must be taken against any company which has encouraged such an insensitive campaign."  

Poonam got trolled fiercely on the internet
People on social media have become angry over this video of Poonam Pandey and spreading false news of her death. One user wrote- ‘Next time people will not take you serious, you have destroyed your entire credibility.’ Another person wrote – This is a very poor publicity stunt. Others said- ‘I am happy that he is alive, but please arrest him for this drama and publicity stunt.’

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