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OMG! Angry Tina Dutta revealed Shaleen’s love, said this in front of the camera

Shaleen Bhanot and

Shaleen Bhanot and

: Everyday something new is seen in the house of . Daily changes in relationships between contestants have become a common thing now. Shaleen Bhanot and MC Stan’s feud in the reality show has become a part of the headlines. Salman Khan also spoke harshly about the quarrel between the two. It will be known in Saturday’s Weekend Ka Vaar whether Shaleen changes his mind of going out of the house or not. But has already disclosed Shaleen’s heart in anger.

The quarrel between two contestants changed the atmosphere of the house.

After the fight between MC Stan and Shaleen Bhanot, Tina costar was seen trying to explain something to Shaleen. In the latest episode too, Tina visits Shaleen to talk to him. But they say while making decent allegations. You have thrown me away using me like tissue paper. Meanwhile, Tina gets into an argument with Sumbul and she inadvertently reveals to everyone what Shaleen has in her heart.

Tina made a big disclosure about Shaleen

The video of Tina Dutta exposing Shaleen’s heart is going viral on social media. In fact, Tina accused Sumbul Touqueer of taking advantage of the tussle between them. Tina said I know Shaleen loves me. But you love Shaleen somewhere. That’s why you are taking advantage of our quarrel. Tina can further be heard saying that I was trying to pacify Shaleen during the fight. But you were provoking her more to see how everyone else is. It is clear from Tina and Sumbul’s talk that Shaleen has love for Tina Dutta. It will be interesting to see in the upcoming episode that where does the brawl in the house stop.

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