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News2News.in Explainer: Cannes is 72 years old, these Indian films were shown for the first time

Cannes Film Festival 2023

Cannes Film Festival 2023

News2News.in Explainer: Film festivals have a lot of importance in the film world. There are some film awards around the world, in which every celebs wish to attend. Today we are talking about the Cannes Film Festival, but first let us know how it started. Take a look at the history of the film fest In 1938, Germany’s dictators Hitler and Mussolini started the Venice Film Festival. His group used to give awards only to its favorite people. Disturbed by such dictatorship in the award show, many jury members resigned from the jury post at the Venice Film Festival. Only after this a free festival was started. Its location was kept in Cannes, Paris. If we look at the history of Cannes Festival, it is about 70 to 72 years old. It started on 20 September 1946. Famous films and documentaries from India and abroad are shown in this event. Initially films from 21 countries were screened at the film festival. The Cannes Film Festival has once again started in the French Riviera of France. It will run from May 14 to May 25. The glamorous entry of Bollywood actresses in this festival remains a topic of discussion all over the world.

India’s journey in Cannes

Cannes Festival has a special relation with India. The relationship between India and Cannes began in 1946 with Chetan Anand’s film ‘Neecha Nagar’. The film was also given the Grand Prix Award, the most talked about award of Cannes. Now this award is known as The Palm d’or. Rajkumar’s films Awara, Do Bigha Zameen, Boot Polish, Pather Panchali, Guide, I Khar Ji, Salaam Bombay, I Udaan and Irrfan Khan’s Lunch Box were honored here. The performance of any movie in Cannes means a lot. Dozens of Indian films have been exhibited in Cannes. Even though these films did not get the award here, but the people sitting in the jury have praised these films a lot.

Bollywood actress in Cannes

Bollywood actresses are famous for walking the red carpet at the Cannes Festival. There are many cosmetic brands that are partners of the Cannes Festival. For this reason, brand ambassadors of cosmetic brands have to walk on the red carpet to promote their brands. These include the names of Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Sometimes it happens that the entry of actresses in the Cannes Festival is also done to collect funds for the environment and humanitarian help of ‘Fashion for Relief’. Fashion for Relief works in association with a London-based non-profit called CARE, a social program, and whatever amount is collected, it is given to organizations internationally, who spend it helping those in need. .

Some interesting facts related to Cannes

1. Chetan Anand was the first jury member from India in Cannes in the year 1950. After this, Mrinal Sen was given membership in the jury in the year 1980.

2. In the year 2002, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Devdas was shown in Cannes and in the year 2003, Aishwarya Rai was included as the first Indian woman in the international jury of the Cannes Festival.

3. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cannes Film Festival goers drink around 18,500 bottles of wine and champagne over 11 days. The 1990 Chateau Petrus is served at the festival, with a bottle costing around $9390. Apart from this, about 1 crore 23 lakhs are spent in music, laser light and photographs in the festival.

4. According to the rules of the red carpet, no female artist can walk without heels in the event. This rule has come into force from 2015. If a celebrity wants to enter that ceremony without wearing heels, then they are not given entry. Actresses Kristen Stewart and Julia Roberts removed heels on the red carpet.

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