Nayanthara in trouble, FIR registered against actress’s film ‘Annapurni’, allegation of insulting Lord Shri Ram


Nayanthara in trouble, FIR registered against actress’s film ‘Annapurni’, allegation of insulting Lord Shri Ram

FIR on actress Nayanthara:Famous South Industry actress Nayanthara has recently debuted in Bollywood with Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Jawaan’. Now a big news has come out about the actress. An FIR has been registered regarding Nayanthara’s Tamil film ‘Annapurni’ being shown on the OTT platform. The film is accused of insulting Lord Shri Ram and hurting the sentiments of the Hindu community.

Accused of inciting religious sentiments
Let us tell you, this FIR has been lodged by a Hindu organization in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The organization has lodged an FIR against the producer-director of the film ‘Annapurni’ and the entire star cast including lead actress Nayanthara on charges of inciting religious sentiments. The organization has described the film as anti-Hindu and has also objected to some of its controversial scenes in which Lord Ram has been described as a ‘flesh eater’.

‘Insulted Lord Ram’
State President of Hindu Seva Parishad, Atul Jeswani has tweeted that Sanatan Dharma has been insulted in the film by hurting Hindu religious sentiments. He said that the sentiments of Hindus have been hurt by making inappropriate comments on Maryada Purushottam Lord Shri Ram in this film.

Atul Jeswani posted a copy of his complaint on Twitter and mentioned the main points. These points are included in the FIR-

  1. In the last scene of the film, it is shown that before making biryani, the temple priest’s daughter offers namaz wearing hijab.
  2. The film promotes love jihad. It is shown in the film that the actor’s friend Farhan brainwashed the actress and got her meat cut, because he says that Lord Ram-Sita also ate meat.
  3. The actress’s father is the head priest of a temple. He has been making offerings to Lord Vishnu for seven generations, but his daughter is shown preparing chicken meat.
  4. The Hindu priest’s daughter falls in love with the Muslim boy, who is shown going for Ramadan iftar and the Hindu girl being led for namaz.
  5. In the film, an actor named Farhan has said that Lord Shri Ram, Mother Sita and Lord Lakshman, Shiva and Lord Murugan also used to kill animals and eat meat after cooking them.
  6. In the film, an artist named Farhan has talked about killing animals in the forests, killing them, cooking them and eating them during the exile of Lord Shri Ram.
  7. The film depicts scenes like inducing a Brahmin Hindu girl to convert to Muslim religion and insulting Gods by misinterpreting Hindu religious texts like Ramayana, Puranas and other religious texts with false facts.

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