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Love story of Rupali Baruah and Ashish Vidyarti, interesting story than Bollywood movie

Rupali Baruah and Ashish Vidyarthi.

Rupali Baruah and Ashish Vidyarthi.

Ashish Vidyarthi Love Story: There is a saying in English, ‘Age is Just a Number’, you too must have heard this from someone or the other. But actor Ashish Vidyarthi has proved this to be true. He married his girlfriend Rupali Baruah at the age of 60. The wedding photos of both of them have made a lot of headlines on social media. After this everyone wants to know about the love story of both of them (Ashish Vidyarthi Love Story).

Actually, people are taking a lot of interest in the marriage of the 60-year-old actor. His wife Rupali is being discussed more than Ashish. Celebs including fans also want to know in detail about the first meeting and love story of the two. Meanwhile, in a latest interview given to ETimes, Rupali Baruah and Ashish Vidyarthi have talked about their love story.

Ashish gave this answer after meeting Rupali

ashish student Let us tell you that he is very active on social media. Also keep sharing your travel blogs. The actor was asked how he met Rupali to which he replied that it is a long story. I will tell about it better some other time.

This was Rupali’s plan regarding marriage

At the same time, Rupali said in response to this question that both of us had met some time back. After that we thought that we should take our relationship forward. However, we wished that there would not be much frills in our marriage. Only family members and some special people will be present.

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Rupali told how she felt blessed

Talking about Ashish Vidyarti, Rupali said that he is a very nice and loving person. It is a great feeling to have him as a life partner, he is a very sweet soul.

Court marriage of both happened at this place

Talking about the marriage of Ashish and Rupali, both of them did a court marriage on May 25 in Kolkata in the presence of close people. Let us tell about Rupali that she is a fashion designer and she also has her own fashion store in Assam.

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