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Kailash Kher got angry at the Khelo India event, gave a management class

Singer Kailash Kher.

Singer Kailash Kher.

Kailash Kher: People dance to the songs of Kailash Kher, who spreads the colors of love with his music. From Teri Deewani to Bum Lahari, Sufi singer’s songs get immense love from the people. Lakhs of people reach their live events as well. However, this time the singer’s anger erupted during the program of Khelo India. Let us tell you what happened after all, that Kailash Kher started a management class from the stage.

These days Khelo India University Games are being organized in Uttar Pradesh. PM Modi inaugurated it in a virtual way on 25 May. Kailash Kher arrived to enthuse the celebrations with his songs. During this, he also made a lot of noise with his songs. But due to the negligence and disorganization of the management, they had to face trouble. Then what was there, got to see the anger of the singer who used to inspire people.

Kailash got angry because of this

He told Mike on stage to learn manners. Made us wait for more than an hour. Even after that there is no such thing as manners. Is this Khelo India? When Khelo India happens, then we will be happy, family members will be happy, only then people outside will be happy. You people do not know how to do any work. That’s why it is important that you first learn manners. If we want to speak, we can speak a lot. Then people will say leave it sir, don’t speak. We have been called here to sing, so understand that one to one and a half hours is ours only.

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Kailash Kher said this with a smile

The people present there were also stunned to see Kailash Kher in anger. If reports are to be believed, Kailash told those who spread disorder that even Maharaj Yogi ji pampers us. The whole world pampers us, because I want to bow down by touching the feet of the people of India. But, first things must be settled. However, after a while Kailash Kher’s anger calmed down and he smiled and said, Hamari saanse chaad rahi hai, phir bhi hum naach aur pagla rahe hai, pay attention to kya koi song ke liye itna bhi paglaya hai .

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