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Bollywood came under the target of Johnny Lever, told comedy in films to be fast food

johnny lever

johnny lever

Johnny Lever: Johnny Lever is known for comedy in Bollywood films. These days he is in limelight for his latest web series Pop Con. This series has been released on the OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar. Meanwhile, one of his statements has come up for discussion. In fact, during an interview, he compared the comedy shown in Bollywood films to fast food. Let us find out why the king of comedy, Johnny Lever, has said this regarding current Hindi films.

Johnny Lever started his film career in the 80s. He has distinguished himself with his superb comic timing in films like Baazigar, Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja, Raja Hindustani, Main Khiladi Tu Anari. During the interview, he told that writing is very important for comedy and today’s writing has become very bad. Because of this, more pressure comes on the artists. Earlier there used to be situational comedy. In such a situation, people used to eagerly wait for the comic character. Johnny concludes by saying that today’s writing in films is bad, which puts a burden on the actors.

Johnny reacted to the lack of comedy in films

Johnny Lever believes that if dialogues for films are well written, then comedy will also be good. He said that we should have some more good writers who have a good understanding of writing comedy, like Farhad Ahmed. You can see in the film Pop Kaun that we have given our best in the film because of the good writing.

Johnny compared films to fast food

It is bound that the actor known for his comedy will also be asked something about Bollywood movies of the present day. When Johnny was asked how he sees the comedy currently happening in films. In response to this, he has compared the comedy happening in films to fast food. Johnny said that I do not enjoy such films. Today’s movies have become like fast food. Earlier it was like serving a plate, which included everything like rice, pulses and vegetables. His statement is spreading very fast on social media. Regarding working on OTT, he said that he wanted to do something on it for a long time. He liked working in the Pop Who series.

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