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Bigg Boss 16: Tina Dutta tells Sumbul to be possessive, is the situation in the house responsible for this?

Sumbul Touqueer and Shaleen BhanotSumbul Touqueer and Shaleen Bhanot

Big Boss 16: In TV’s reality show Bigg Boss, every weekend a contestant definitely comes under the target of . This time too, in Friday’s war, Shaleen Bhanot has become the first target of host Salman. When it comes to Shaleen and Sumbul’s name does not come up, it is not possible. In the latest episode, Tina Dutta also told Sumbul Taukeer to be possessive about Shaleen’s affairs. Shaleen and MC Stan’s fight has now come on everyone’s lips including Bigg Boss lover. Meanwhile, Salman is about to reprimand Sumbul for the attitude Sumbul has shown to stop Shaleen.

In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss, will be seen clearly telling Sumbul that ‘you are obsessed with Shaleen’. After this, Sumbul folded hands and tells Salman that please don’t do this. I don’t want to stay here. Salman also replies that who stopped you. This is a story which is well known to the world, but today in this report we are sharing some things related to Sumbul’s personal life. After this perhaps you will also be able to understand better some things about Sumbul’s behaviour.

Struggle of life of Sumbul Touqueer

Sumbul Taukeer came into the limelight as a child artist after the TV serial ‘Emli’. Very few people know that Sumbul has also faced many struggles in his personal life. Sumbul had also mentioned once in the Bigg Boss house how his father has nurtured both the children by giving them mother’s love. If Sumbul is to be believed, she used to prepare breakfast for everyone in the morning. Perhaps their caring attitude towards each other is not making their journey in the BB house difficult. Well, after looking at all the aspects, coming back to Bigg Boss, you must have seen Sumbul carrying sometimes tea and sometimes food for Shaleen in every episode. But Shaleen has also told in front of Tina that he has no feelings for Sumbul.

What is the relationship between Shaleen and Sumbul?

Despite this people are seeing that there is definitely some relation between Sumbul and Shaleen. Perhaps Shekhar Suman’s poetry could better define the relationship between the two that ‘Chhipe-chhipe se rehte hain, u saaream nahi hote, kuch rishtey ehsaason ke hote hai, unke naam nahi hote’. At present, is also going to talk about Shaleen and Sumbul’s relationship in the upcoming episode. It will be interesting to see what Salman says about both.

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