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Asmita Sood: ‘Badtameez Dil’ actress fell in love, told marriage plan

TV actress Asmita Sood.

TV actress Asmita Sood.

Asmita Sood:Asmita Sood has established her special identity with serials like Badtameez Dil and Dil Hi To Hai. As soon as she stepped into the world of TV, the actress won the hearts of people with her acting. Last year, he made a comeback with Dangal TV’s show ‘Janam Janam’. Meanwhile, the actress has come into limelight because of her love life. In fact, the Badtameez Dil Ki actress has found her love in real life. Let’s find out who is the person who stole her heart.

According to media reports, Asmita Sood has found her love (Asmita Sood Fall in Love). Sood’s heart has fallen on Siddh Mehta, a businessman living in Gujarat. Both have been dating each other for a long time. Siddh Mehta also keeps coming to Mumbai to meet Asmita. It is worth noting that the actress herself has confirmed their relationship in the interview.

How did Asmita Sood and Siddha Mehta meet?

According to the information received from the report, Asmita and Siddha know each other since July. However, as lovebirds, they have found each other’s company only recently. Asmita informed that both of them had met for the first time in connection with work. During this, they got to know each other. The actress says that both of them are trying to know each other better. Asmita said that falling in love has been a great experience for me. We both are very happy. We also love spending time with each other.

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The actress told about the marriage plan

On the question asked about marriage, Asmita said that it is too early to think about it. At the moment both of us are trying to know each other. But, we definitely have an intention to get married (Asmita Sood Wedding Plan), that’s why we are in a relationship. Right now I am feeling the moment of being in love. The actress further told that she liked Siddha Mehta’s down to earth nature. He is very honest. Both of us are from small towns, due to which our views are quite similar.

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