Akshay Kumar dodges Mumbai traffic! Seen traveling in Mumbai Metro, VIDEO goes viral


Akshay Kumar dodges Mumbai traffic!  Seen traveling in Mumbai Metro, VIDEO goes viral

Akshay Kumar Viral Video: If someone gets stuck in Mumbai traffic, it may take hours to reach home. Be it general or special, everyone faces this difficulty at some time or the other. Recently, famous actor Akshay Kumar was also seen dodging the traffic of Mumbai. Actually, to avoid getting stuck in Mumbai traffic, Mr. Khiladi traveled in Mumbai Metro. A fan made a video of Akshay’s journey and posted it on social media. After this this video started becoming quite viral.

Passengers could not be identified in the metro
Although many celebrities often travel in Mumbai Metro, but mostly a gathering of fans is seen with them. This was not seen in the case of Akshay Kumar. Most of the people present in the metro coach in which he was traveling could not recognize him. However, one of his co-passengers made an 11-second video of Akshay Kumar and uploaded it on social media.

Akshay was with producer Dinesh Vijan
This video has been shared on Instagram from the account (@AKFansGroup). In this video, Akshay Kumar is seen wearing a black hoodie and lower. During this time he has also worn many hats. Akshay was also wearing a mask on his mouth, due to which most people could not recognize him. Producer Dinesh Vijan was also seen traveling with Akshay during this journey.

This is not the first time that Akshay Kumar has been spotted in the metro train. Earlier in February 2023 also, Akshay Kumar had traveled by metro train to promote his film Selfie. Apart from Akshay Kumar, many celebrities have also been seen traveling in train, bus, taxi or rickshaw to avoid Mumbai traffic. These include Amitabh Bachchan to Shraddha Kapoor, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and many others.

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