Ajith vs Vijay: Box office sensation Thalapathi’s entry into politics, now who will rule the Tamil film industry?


Ajith vs Vijay: Box office sensation Thalapathi’s entry into politics, now who will rule the Tamil film industry?

Ajith vs Vijay:The superstar of Tamil films, popularly known as Thalapathy, has now turned to politics. Vijay has started his own political party named Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam (TVK). With this, speculations intensified in the Tamil film industry as to which star will rule the cinema screen. At present, Vijay is in direct competition with superstar Ajit. It is being said that after Vijay’s entry into politics, Ajit Kumar can replace him on the silver screen. The acting and style of both the stars is different. However, both have one thing in common that they draw the audience to the theater in large numbers.

A void in the Tamil film industry?
Since Vijay’s arrival, there is a big void in the Tamil film industry. When such a great entertainer is completely away from the film world, then who will compensate for his absence? Who will please the millions of viewers who have been entertained by watching Vijay for decades? In such a situation, people who know the Tamil film industry closely believe that actor Ajith can fill this void. Ajith has made a special place in the hearts of people with movies like Vishwasam and Vedalam. In such a situation, he will now emerge as the biggest action entertainer. However, only time will tell what will happen next.

Ajith vs vijay
Vijay’s ‘Mersal’, ‘Sarkar’, and ‘Master’ have created a stir at the box office.

Ajit vs Vijay: One is ‘King’ and the other is ‘Crowd Puller’
Both Ajith Kumar and Vijay can be called great heroes of Tamil cinema. The films of both the stars have been making waves at the box office. While Ajit is called the ‘Box Office King’, Vijay is known as the ‘Crowd Puller Star’ among his fans. Ajith’s films like ‘Mankatha’, ‘Vishwasam’, and ‘Vedalam’ have been big hits, while Vijay’s ‘Mersal’, ‘Sarkar’, and ‘Master’ have created a stir at the box office. Not only is there a box office clash between these two, but there has also been a tussle between their fans for a long time.

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Vijay’s 5 highest grossing films

Movierelease yeardirectorBox office collection (estimated)janner
Mersal2017Atlimore than 260 croresaction, drama
Government2018a R. Murugadossmore than 252 croresaction, drama
master2021Lokesh Kanagarajmore than 250 croresaction, suspense
Bigil2019Atlimore than 300 croressports, action
theri2016Atlimore than 185 croresaction, drama


Ajith’s 5 highest grossing films

Movierelease yeardirectorBox office collection (estimated)janner
Mankatha2011Venkat Prabhu130 croresaction, thriller
vishwasam2019Shivamore than 200 croresaction, family drama
Vedalam2015Atlimore than 130 croresaction, drama
vivegam2017exceptmore than 112 croresaction, suspense
Arrambam2013Vishnuvardhanmore than 110 croresaction, thriller

Was Vijay preparing to enter politics for a long time?
Ajit and Vijay have always made different strategies to impress their fan club. While Vijay has not been shy about making political comments openly, Ajit has always maintained distance from political comments. Vijay has played the characters of many strong politicians in films. On several occasions it was said that Vijay wanted to become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. It is also being said that Vijay was preparing to enter politics for a long time. Many times Vijay has been the target of the two major parties of the state, DMK and AIADMK for this.

The journey of politics on the strength of fans club
One thing about Tamil Nadu film industry is very interesting. Every superstar has his own fan club here. Generally every superstar has many fan clubs. One of these is the biggest and this is the power of the superstar. His fans start celebrating every new film even before its release. At the same time, small fan pages active on digital media also start sharing the work of their favorite actors and teasers of films in a creative manner. This fan club is the strength of all the film stars of South Tamil films. The name of Vijay’s fans club is Vijay Makkal Iyakkam.

Ajith vs vijay
Ajith’s films like ‘Mankatha’, ‘Vishwasam’, and ‘Vedalam’ have been big hits.

Vijay’s fan club started social service related work
Ever since Vijay announced his entry into politics, members of Vijay Makkal Iyakkam have started social service. They are camping at various places to strengthen their actor’s political innings. Distributing clothes and food among the needy people. Blood donation and health checkup camps are being organized by the fans club. All the members of the fan club are being made aware to support their heroes in a very strategic manner.

Vijay issued thanks note for fans club
Vijay also understands that if he wants to make inroads in politics, then there will be a need to keep the fans who are very loving. This is why Vijay issued a thank you note after the party was launched. In this he especially thanked his fans. Vijay wrote in his note that I am heartily thankful to the leaders of various parties, my brothers and sisters who love me and my fans who live in my heart for wishing me all the best for my political journey. Vijay said that he is starting this political journey for the welfare of Tamil Nadu and to ensure the victory of the Tamil people.

Ajith vs vijay
Tamil superstar Vijay, popularly known as Thalapathy, is called a ‘crowd puller star’.

What did Ajit say on coming into politics?
Ajit has been strictly against entering politics. He has been maintaining every possible distance from politics. Ajit never makes any political comments. Ajit does not even want his fans to get involved in any kind of political activity. Or maybe his fans club has some political use. This is the reason why Ajit dissolved his fans club in the year 2011 itself. At present, there is no official fan club which Ajit Kumar directly supports. It is a different matter that there are still hundreds of small and big fan clubs all over Tamil Nadu who celebrate their hero’s upcoming film with full enthusiasm.

When a political party approached Ajit
Ajit’s distance from politics can be understood from the fact that a few years ago, he had clearly refused to help a political party that had approached him. Vijay had said that I have come here to act. I try to do good acting. I have always maintained that my films do not have any kind of political colour. A few years ago, I also dissolved my fans club because some people wanted to use it politically. Some people still try to connect me and my fans with politics. This is election time and people should not get confused.

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