After Ichchadhari Naagin, Ichchadhari Monkey appeared in this serial, people were surprised


After Ichchadhari Naagin, Ichchadhari Monkey appeared in this serial, people were surprised

Tv Serial Divya Drishti.

Tv Serial Divya Drishti.

Divya Drishti Serial: The audience gets very attached to the story of the TV serial. The fans are also eager to know the story of the upcoming episodes of the show. These days, a lot of fun is being made about the characters shown in serials after films. Usually the character of Ichchadhari Naagin has been seen in many shows. Ekta Kapoor’s most popular serial Naagin keeps coming back with its new season. Well, this time the show Divya Drishti has come into the limelight. In this serial, people have seen the wishful monkey.

serials The story of Ichchadhari Naagin had become quite common. The audience is also not much interested in this type of story anymore. Writers also keep experimenting keeping in mind the demand of people to see something new. Now people are unable to control their laughter after seeing the entry of Ichchadhari Bandar in the TV show Divya Drishti. The video clip of the latest episode of the serial is also going viral on social media.

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This is how the wishful monkey entered the Divya Drishti show

In the video clip of Divya Drishti Show Video, it is seen that a woman plays Damru. After this, on hearing the sound of Damru, the wishing monkey takes its true form. Seeing the wishing monkey, all the actors of the serial are seen shouting. On the other hand, Ichchadhari Bandar starts creating a lot of mischief after coming in his true form.

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People made fun of wishful monkey

Ever since this clip surfaced on social media, people have started making fun of the serial. Users say that the makers have now stopped making serials. Most of the shows are being made into zoos. Another wrote, I have seen the hide, I have seen the snake, now if there is a wishful monkey and anything else, then show that too. One of the users has even said that all this is being done at the behest of the directors.

The wishful cat has also appeared

For your information, let us tell you that at the beginning of the Divya Drishti show, there was an entry of a wishing cat. Seeing this, people were very angry. It is worth noting that show makers often have to face trolling for showing strange things.

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