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Success Story: Despite losing both hands, Pragati topped the entire school, now aims to become an IAS officer

Success Story: Nothing is impossible in this world, provided one is hardworking and has the desire to learn. Something similar has been done by B.Ed student Pragati. Despite losing both hands due to electrocution, Pragati studied up to B.Sc. She has been the school topper in class 10th and 12th as well as in graduation.

lost both hands on birthday

When Pragati, daughter of Sunil Kumar and Rekha Rani, resident of Linepar Surya Nagar, Moradabad, was studying in seventh grade, both her hands had to be amputated below the elbow due to electrocution. Pragati’s birthday was September 19, 2010, the day the accident took place. Even after losing both hands, Pragati was determined that she would do something that would make everyone proud of her.

mother taught me to write by elbow

His mother supported Pragati to study till graduation and this is the reason for his progress. He taught Pragati to write by tying a pen to his elbow. Progress continued with the support of his parents.

Helped in improving the economic condition of the house by teaching tuition

Pragati’s mother used to sew, while her father used to drive an auto. Seeing the economic condition of the house, Pragati started giving tuition to the children. Pragati, a resident of Moradabad, taught many children while continuing her studies. Along with this, he also helped his younger brothers Pranav Kumar and Kushagra Kumar in their studies. Pragati has done that with her hard work and dedication, which many people are unable to do despite having both hands.

Pragati told in an interview that she used to write with only one elbow. After trying slowly, she started writing with both her elbows. Now she writes like ordinary people. His writing is also very good. He is now able to complete his exam in less time. Now Pragati wants to become an IAS officer.

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