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Rohtak: Professors of BMU got the patent done, know what is a patent?

Professors of Baba Mastnath University got the patent done.

Professors of Baba Mastnath University got the patent done.

Rohtak, News2News.in News: Ten professors of Faculty of Engineering of Baba Mastnath University have got a patent on e-security system through biometric cloud computing. For the achievement of this patent, Pro Chancellor of Baba Mastnath University Dr. Anjana Rao, Vice Chancellor Prof. RS Yadav congratulated the entire team participating under the patent and wished them all the best in the future. Giving information about the patent, Dr. Mukesh Singla said that this patent is for authentication of bio-metric, through which no duplicate data will be saved. This patent will have a special contribution in the times to come. Dr. Vanitha, Dr. Vijender, Rahul, Rajeev, Dr. Anil Dudi, Dr. Devendra Kumar, Dr. Ankit, Dr. Tilak Raj and Dr. Reena were present on the occasion.

What is patent?

A patent is a legal right under which a person or organization is given a monopoly over a particular item, invention, brand, design, etc. If a particular person has a patent on a particular thing, then no other person can use it without the permission of the patent holder. If he does so, it will be considered a legal offence.

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