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Haryana: Children will get rid of homework, education department made a plan

Children will get relief from homework.

Children will get relief from homework.

Haryana School Vacation: This time children can be freed from heavy homework in government primary schools of Haryana during summer vacations. This now means that children will emphasize experiential learning in holiday homework rather than calligraphy, math, counting, writing and rote learning. Children will have to study this together with their family members.

Unique homework given to children

This time, the one-month summer vacation to be held in June has been divided into four sections, in which children have been asked to do some work and refuse some, such as children are forbidden to watch TV and phones while eating. Is. Apart from this, they also have to keep mobile fast. Children cannot use mobile during this fast. Along with this, children will also have to remember the mobile numbers of at least 10 people in the family.

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Not only this, in these holidays they will have to ask their grandparents which sweets were made in their marriage. Children have to remember the name of the village along with its pin code. The spices kept in the kitchen of the house have to be seen by touching and smelling them. Make a list of newspapers, TV, bath soap, refined oil, beverages and things kept in the house. It has to be seen how many hours the fan runs in the house. How much does oil cost in a month? They have to keep a record of all these works. In such a situation, the teachers of the school have also been instructed to keep taking feedback about the children from their families from time to time.

this day will be holiday

Let us inform that this time from June 1 there will be summer vacations in government schools. About 11 lakh children study in government primary schools in Haryana. In this regard, State Education Minister Kanwar Pal Gurjar says that children will do such activities while staying with their families during the summer vacation, from which they will get to learn a lot.

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