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Chanakya Niti: Follow these things to get success in job and business, you will always get progress

Chanakya Niti: Chanakya was an ancient Indian polymath. He was active as a teacher, writer, strategist, philosopher, economist, jurist and royal advisor. Today the whole country is well aware of Chanakya policy. When a person starts following Chanakya policies in his life, nothing can stop him from becoming successful. “Following a disciplined lifestyle” is also one of the Chanakya Niti.

Today we will tell you about those qualities and principles of Acharya through which you will always get success.

Follow these principles of Acharya Chanakya

behave be gullible

Chanakya says that one should never be very naïve or simple-hearted in one’s behaviour. Because such persons always have to suffer losses. Keep in mind that the straight trees of the forest are cut first, while the horizontal or oblique trees are saved.


Vidya Kamdhenu is like a cow which provides nectar to a person in every situation and season. She always protects the person like a mother. That’s why knowledge has been called the secret wealth of man.

identification of right and wrong

While taking any decision, first of all it is necessary to test right and wrong. The person who bets on the uncertain by mistaking the certain for a while loses everything. That means a man should never take a decision without thinking.


According to Chanakya, a man’s deeds, age, how much knowledge he will get and wealth, all these things are determined before his mother enters his womb. No one can change these things even if they want to.

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