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CAT Brain Teaser: Look at these questions before CAT exam, you can get benefit

CAT Previous Year Question:The Common Admission Test (CAT) 2022 is scheduled to be held on 27th November. Only a few days are left in this prestigious exam. MBA admission aspirants will be busy in their last minute practice process at this time. This year, the exam will be conducted in Computer Based Mode (CBT) on November 27. CAT Paritra is going to be held at centers in around 150 cities. Duration of 2 hours will be given in Paritra. Along with this, will be divided into 3 sections. The for the year 2023 is being organized by IIT Bangalore.

Here are some questions from previous year papers. See if you can solve it:

1. In the month of May, John bought the same quantity of rice and the same quantity of wheat as he bought in April, but now the prices of rice and wheat have increased. This year, Rs 150 more was spent due to an increase of 20 per cent in rice and 12 per cent in wheat. If John spent Rs 450 on rice in April, how much did he spend on wheat in May?

a. Rs 580, b. Rs 570, c. Rs 560, d. Rs 590

Answer: c

2. In a car race, Car A beats Car B by 45 kmph, Car B beats Car C by 50 kmph, while Car A beats Car C by 90 kmph. Then measure the distance (in km) over which the car race is held:

a. 500, b. 475, c. 550, d. 450

Answer: d

3. By selling a pen at a loss of 5% and a book at a profit of 15%, the shopkeeper gains Rs.7. benefits of. If he sells the pen at a profit of 5% and the book at a profit of 10%, then how much Rs. benefits of.

a. 80, b. 85, c. 95, d. 100

Answer: a

4. Ramesh and Gautam are among 22 students who appear in the same exam. Ramesh scored 82.5. The average score of 21 students other than Gautam is 62. The average score of all the 22 students is one more than the average score of 21 students except Ramesh. So Gautam’s score is:

a. 49, b. 48, c. 51, d. 53

Answer c.

5. A and B are two different railway stations about 90 km apart. A train leaves A at 9:00 am and travels towards B at a speed of 40 km/hr. Another train leaves B at 10:30 and travels towards A at a speed of 20 km/hr. Then at what time the trains meet each other:

a. 11:45 AM, b. 10:45 AM, c. 11:20 AM, d. 11:00 AM

b. Answer: d

6. How many integers out of 1, 2, …, 120 are not divisible by any of 2, 5 and 7?

a. 40, b. 42, c. 43, d. 41

Answer: d

7. An alloy is prepared by mixing three metals A, B and C in the ratio 3:4:7 metal to metal. The weights of the same metals A, B and C are in the ratio 5 : 2 : 6. In 130 kg of the alloy, the weight of metal C will be:

a. 70, b. 96, c. 48, d. 84

Answer: d

8. Anu, Vinu and Manu alone can complete a piece of work in 15 days, 12 days and 20 days (respectively). Vinu works everyday. Anu works alternate days. While Manu works only on a break of one day each starting from the second day. Then, the number of days required to complete the work is:

a. 5, b. 8, c. 6, d. 7

Answer: d

9. The cost of 2 apples, 4 oranges and 6 mangoes is the same as that of a basket of 1 apple, 4 oranges and 8 mangoes or a basket of 8 oranges and 7 mangoes. Whereas the number of mangoes in a basket of mangoes whose cost is the same as in the other baskets is:

a. 11, b. 13, c. 10, d. 12

Answer: b

10. The natural numbers are divided into the groups (1), (2, 3, 4), (5, 6, 7, 8, 9), …..etc. Then, the sum of the numbers in the 15th group is equal to

b. 6090, c. 4941, d. 7471,

Answer: a

This year has seen an increase of about 11 percent in the number of students applying for the IIM entrance exam. This information has been given by IIM Bangalore, the exam conducting body. In 2021 the number of applications was around 2.3 lakhs.

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